Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going In

I go in, I come out.  With love in my heart and a huge dose of humility, I go deeper into myself to explore what's there.  It gets to be very personal, once the masks are removed.  Wow!  I am always amazed at the breadth of feeling and understanding that comes from "going in" deeper.  I am floored, and yet I knew it all along.  I just didn't know I knew it.  When I go in deep, I come out without words.  I am left speechless, just trying to absorb what has just occurred.  If I speak, I might just repeat the same old story, even though I know now it isn't true.  What's the new story?  I don't know yet.  The path has been blown over with sand.  I must find a new way now.

It feels like the land of Oz, where the curtain is pulled away from where the wizard is trying to keep up appearances.  What can he do now, but tell the truth?   Once the truth is exposed, it is even more painful to keep up the facade.  It can be done, but "no, thank you", I say to that.  The truth shall set me free.

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